Use of Pinterest

Can Pinterest help in getting more traffic? If yes than how?

Yes Pinterest can help you to get more traffic, it is same as twitter to an extent, as this also have the characteristics of “Followings and Followers”, but in this you are pinning something for this you should have an eligible image to get pinned.

  1. In Pinterest people come and follow the boards and pins for their respective interests, so to get more followers, it is required you create an board with most effective and meaningful name, so that people attract to it.

  2. The image you are using to target the link has the feature to talk about the link, i mean from the image only people should get idea that what they are going to see if they click on it.

  3. If you can manage all these things than it is easy for you to get more traffic from pinterest.

Having same usernames in social profiles like Pinterest, Twitter and other social media sites can also do a world of good to your traffic. Just imagine how!

Pinterenst is help full for getting traffic you create relevant board viz. Helping women , stop child labour, website designing ,latest machine technology etc . But it drive less traffic if you promote a particular product like domestic cleaning chemicals . I hope you can understand .

YES. And the good thing is that you can really get people to follow you when you post interesting stuffs. What I do is that I share photos from a certain blog posting in my site, and then I indicate the link of that post in pinterest to get people to read my blog posting. It works.

But obvious major advantage is more people follow you more traffic you will generate.

Definitely you can get traffic through Pinterest ,as in this you create your profile with full details so that visitor can easily know your biography and get to know about you as from their you can share your thoughts and photographs on it.Pinterest is popular for photo sharing ,in photo sharing we can directly sharing our expression or our thoughts with the visitor,and in photo sharing there is one main point that we can get very quick response of public if they like the post thank they give rating or otherwise they just move out from their and never return back to your profile.

Yes, it can be helpful in driving more traffic to your site, if you know how to use it properly. One of the more recent things trending is the addition of the “pin it” button that you put onto your site. If you have one of these, people can easily press it to directly pin your image (and your site information) to their boards. If you do not have this, there are a number of people that will not pin because they find it too tedious to install their own “pin it” tab to their bookmark bar. Images that convey your product/service/cause must be eye catching. Often times, people will pin just because of the image & not come back to read what’s on the site until later…meanwhile all of the people that are “following” them see and repin the image. It reaches a broad audience this way, just because of a really good image. Of course, if there is not good content to back up the image, people will eventually delete the pin. I hope this helps to answer your question!

Pinterest is a social networking site if you are using this channel properly then you will get better results. In Pinterest you must create a board with effective name so that more people attract to your pins. You must describe your image with text. The advantage of this channel is no. of people follow you more traffic you will get.

Yes Pinterest can definitely help. You have to properly name your boards and pin photos that are eye catching and engaging. Also, Pinterest boards have ranked quite high on the search engines for keywords too.

Pinterest is really a great way of getting traffic.its very very good way and i m getting daily lot of visitors from it.its fast and reliable and unique traffic.

You forgot to answer How?

It is like a social media. For getting more traffic, post relevant and faithful things and you have to post on a regular basis. So that the people following you and their followers can see what you posted? There are boards created in Pinterest. Whenever you are posting anything post it in a relevant board which will help people in finding you post easily.

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