Which plugin is the best for SEO?

I am new to wordpress. I want to do on page SEO for my site myself. Now which plugin will be best for me?

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Welcome to the forum, @bestfirestarter.

It’s always a good idea to search the forums before posting a new question, as you’ll often find it’s been answered already.

For example, there is a comprehensive article on the subject:
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Other recent threads include
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and a current discussion here:


I find Yoast to be pretty good.

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Could you elaborate a bit on that? What do you particularly like about it? Why pick Yoast rather than another?

Yoast seo is so good, I LIKE IT

Sure, it kinda guides you along. It lets you know when you exceed characters in titles/descriptions that search engines will look for so you can squeeze keywords into it. You can create sitemaps and such within the plugin with a couple clicks. I haven’t used a ton of SEO plugins, but Yoast is popular and I like it from my experience with it.


Again, this is really not very helpful without a few sentences explaining why you like it.

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To all posters: Please don’t just name a plugin and say it’s good or you like it; that’s of little help. Please take the time to explain the reasons for your choice.


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