The Top WordPress SEO Plugins Reviewed

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WordPress provides great native SEO features, so might your theme. However, by using a dedicated SEO plugin (and knowing how to use it) we can further optimize our site. In this article we compare the top SEO plugins for WordPress side-by-side. Before we dig into the common options, let’s first look at some of the key features we’d expect to see in a good SEO plugin.

Key SEO Features

Page Analysis

Some SEO plugins can analyze the content of your pages and provide recommendations. For example, whether the content includes a specific focus keyword or not, whether the ‘title’ and ‘alt’ tag have been defined for the featured image and other images, and whether meta descriptions and titles are have been included.

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good one, but i would like to state here something other than ordinary. yes it has insightful features to be used to optimize your website for search engines. but in case - whether the content includes a specific focus on keyword or not - we don’t need to worry about it much now, because google which is the prime focus of search engine marketers, now considers content which is not just keyword focussed. What i mean say is

if your keyword is “how to use microwave”

you can not use this exact keyword throughout the web page, it will look absurd and not user friendly, you can use words in this particular phrases no of times, but not the exact phrase. And these plugins estimate the no. of times the exact keyword has been used. So about content, we have to be thorough, fresh,keeping the reader in mind than depending upon any plugin.

Yes @bagful_india – these tools only help, useful content is still up to us :smile:

Thanks for this informacion. Im working on SEO and this helped to get more information about my BLOG, the links, the traffic and Pagerank. :smile:

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That’s a very good summary, Amit: useful and meaningful comparisons. Thanks.

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You’re welcome @Registrodemarc1, glad you liked it.

Glad you liked the summary @ronsman.
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Most of the plugins you have mentioned in your post are new for me.Surely I’ll use those SEO plugins in my blog.Thanks for your great post.

Thanks @virstox

thanks for useful info. nice article!

Glad you liked it @thuybk

Thanks for the insightful article. i do believe advanced SEO plugin can help optimize our website. i must say very nice comparison of the best SEO plugins for WordPress

Thanks for the appreciation @RyanSinglehurst

HI Adtech,

Good article and selection, congratulations.

What I like most is that you have taken the time to evaluate and point out some of the unique features of each plugin.

Do you prefer a specific combination of plugins? I’m specially concerned about compatibility among Yoast, AIO and Greg’s which features overlap in many cases. I have installed them all in the past but never combined. Any suggestion about possible combinations?


I like your post, thanks…

Glad you liked it @bantolo

Hi @Diego_Fernandez,
Thanks for the appreciation.
I would rather prefer a single SEO plugin, instead of a combination of SEO plugins. :smile:

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Better Article about SEO Plugin Thank your for sharing…

This article is incorrect.

All in One SEO Pack has 23.5+Million downloads. Not 1M.

Thank you, @tbsnetworks :smile: