All in one SEO or Yoast SEO?

Recently i brought a domain and install WordPress. I read all many review about those plugin. Both are good but i have to install best one.
Which is easier to use as a beginner?

Both have pro and cons. I personally use Yoast SEO as it does have more functions.


Yoast is best,we use it for all of our sites.

@gooddegg, why do you think Yoast is best? Just saying something is best doesn’t make it so. There have to be reasons.

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I have never used All in one SEO pack, I have used Yoast SEO for many sites, i like it because it gives you a lot of choice and makes your works easier :slight_smile:

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Yoast have more functions and is simple easy to use. I too prefer it

Yoast SEO are used for various million WordPress users.

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You didn’t answer the OP’s actual question:


All In One SEO Is probably easier for Beginners. It’s easier to setup - Yoast also has a great setup but more advanced functionality when you need it.

Yoast does the pretty much the exact same thing as All In One SEO. It isn’t the best - that’s what I call personal-biased opinion.

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