Which one is more important?

hi all!
I need to know which one is more important in this field:
Content or back links and why?


Both are important.

Think about it: you want to get a city by your car. What do you do? Of course, you will watch the road-signs. These signs lead you out into that city. You get to that town and look around: whether you like to stay or will be better to go away. You’ll see the main square. Deciding whether or not you like to be there. And you are acting accordingly, stay or go away.

Turn off the above story into the case of the content and backlink of a website. The road-signs are the backlinks, helping visitors to reach the town alias your website. Visitors arriving to the main squere alias to home page of your website. Visitors see your content at that page. If they like what they see then probably spend more time on that page.

What induces them to stay longer? If the content resonates with their interest. Finding garbage content they will go away in 2-3 seconds. Finding quality content they probably stay longer and read what you say to them.

So, having many and quality backlinks means your website get quality visitors who could be potential buyers by reading your quality content.

I hope this helps you to undertand the importance of factors you asked.

Many successes,


No doubt,both are important.I can access you site one time,but found that it is boring and no sense,I would not access it any more.So I vote for content.

Yes. They are two sides of a coin. If this is your business, they go together and cannot achieve your purposes without each other. I’m an idealist, though, so I have to say that content is what gives me joy, which is where I want to be whether or not it makes a dime.

Rank where? If you mean SERP then it is not true. You can out rank a page with thousand backlinks even if you only have a hundred based on Google metrics and basically the relevance of your content.

I don’t think Google use bounce rate for ranking the content. In my opinion bounce rate is only good so website owners can see if their visitors stay and click on related contents.

Yes, content is the most important thing, because you need organic backlinks that are real editorial votes for genuinely good content.

Content is what attracts links, brings visitors back, and drives them through the cycle to conversion (sale, registration, donation…)

For web sites content is the most important thing. Without content on your site no one has a reason to visit.

You could consider backlinks like cupboards and content like food. If you get hungry then do you care whether there is one cupboard or a million cupboards as long as the one you open has food in it?

Backlinks are more important. But content comes first.

No matter how good your content is, it won’t rank without backlinks.

However good content gently promoted is the best way to gain quality, editorial backlinks.

If you had a million backlinks and your content was rubbish then your rankings would suffer. Google is not stupid. They can tell how much users value your content based on user behaviour metrics, such as bounce rate.

what does “in this field” mean???

you posted in the Content Writing forum, so i’m going to go out on a limb and guess that content is more important for content writing



of course content is more important than backlinks for the critical aim of your sites is bringing something useful to the clients .

If you mean SERP then it is not true.

SE Expert: Copywriters important, SEOs …not so much

Word. Prose before SEOs …Yo!

I agree with the poster above me who pointed out that content is what helps to create some backlinks.

Getting started as a freelance writer, I tend to lean more towards content. However, both are very important.

What I do and what you might want to try is to create a daily schedule. Lets say you devote two hours to creating content for your website, blog, or directories. Then, take another two hours (or even just an hour) and work on creating backlinks. That way you are able to give both the much-needed attention.

So what i can conclude after your replies; it is a balance between content and backlinks. both are equally important. Thanks for your views

in short term backlink is more important, but for long term content is the most important, I believe that improving your content as top priority and then people will gather in someday

Content is the most important thing. If we have good contents people will automatically give reference to our site and we will get natural backlinks. :slight_smile:

Content definitely comes first. If you have a million backlinks to something of no value, then you cannot expect it to be successful.

That being said, don’t be such a perfectionist that you cannot produce backlinks as well.

Feed on fellgalls’ food analogy!
The perfect summary.

Well, we need a good content on our website which will help in improving the traffic for website… backlinks don’t count any importance if you don’t have a good website with relevant content.

content is more important then the inlinks, but some inlinks are wery welcome. combinatione of both

It seems we all agree content is more important.

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