Which New Motherboard?

Unfortunately I’m in Panama now & I don’t know if I should buy a MB from here or what.

I bought a new video card & had it sent in & it won’t work with the old MB. The MB really does need to be changed too since everything else has been changed (memory, HD, power supply), but I don’t know if I have the money right now.

The video card has to be changed ASAP, it’s about ready to blow. I’ve been holding on by a thread with the old one.

I called the computer store recommended by expats & the guy isn’t there. The girl told me they have Astrok (?) MBs & they are $68. Has anyone heard of that one, any good?

Which MBs are the best so I can search prices. Problem is I can’t wait for it to be shipped in. I have to take the computer in now. I’m seeing pink on my screen now.

It was recommended to update the bios settings to accomodate the new video card, but if they screw it up, I’m out a MB.



The first thing you need to find out is what sort of processor are you using? If your motherboard is old, your processor would be likely as old and you may not find a new compatible MB. Intel Dual Core, Core 2 Duo were LGA 775 based, the first generation iCore processors were LGA 1156 and the second generation are 1155 LGA. You might be able to find some old stock with some vendors, I personally dont experiment with MBs much and stick to Intel, Asus and Gigabyte. Some of the Asus MBs are really affordable, so you should check if you can get that. Though you probably wont find them any cheaper that $60-70.

I love making computers (made my own) and I’ve never heard of Astrok…

Actually, I just Googled it and came up with ASRock…which I’ve heard of. I’ll give you my thoughts on them. It’s probably an accurate estimation of ASRock mobos, so feel confident that they aren’t cheaping you (although it’s maybe 5 bucks more than market price). ASRock doesn’t make the highest quality motherboards in the world, and you can get better Mobos with better specs elsewhere.

You should really tell us more of what you need.

What graphics card did you get?
AMD or Intel Processor?
Which processor is it?
What type of memory do you need to support?
IDE? SATA (II or III?) ?

All of these need to be taken into account.

Right now, I would recommend getting an MSI motherboard if you want around 70 bucks…they have great, high-quality, cheap motherboards that are well-respected in the community. But of course, it’s better if you have specs for us.



Here are my stats - http://speccy.piriform.com/results/6nRcorGYRl4RiVyNU4znY3a

Here’s the video card I purchased - Gigabyte HD 5450

$70 is ok or around that price, now it’s a matter of finding a store here who carries MSI. I’m going to call the Chinese store back & ask her if they have other makes, but I have a feeling the answer isn’t going to be positive.

Things are getting worse now, it crashed, I rebooted & now my screen resolution is screwed up.


Ok, I just spoke to her. She says they can order most MBs in. I’m assuming she doesn’t mean the latest, but she can get MCI, so which model number do you recommend?

The Gigabyte MBs look expensive & ASUS is like $200. Wow, that’s what I have in there now LOL Didn’t know. I haven’t swamped the MB in ages I don’t think.



Alright…you’re on a really old computer…I’m really better with Win7 and modern computers, but I’ll do my best.

Do you have to buy the motherboard in Panama? Are you there on a job or something? If you can get back to Toronto, your selection will be much better.

Watch out for the price that this guy is selling you for. It definitely shouldn’t be 68 bucks…

What is the name of the motherboard that he’s trying to sell you?



No, I’m living here now. Like I said, I can order from Amazon & ship it in, but I don’t know if I can wait. I really need to get the new video card in now b/c the entire computer is failing. I got the video card like 2 months ago, but when the guy tried to put it in, it wouldn’t work. I didn’t know that was going to be a problem & no one even explained to me that the MB may be too old.

If someone could walk me thru (via the phone) updating the bios settings (I got instructions via another forum) & can walk me thru putting in the new video card, then I can hold off on the new MB & order it from Amazon in the US. That’s assuming I have the money right now. I won’t do all of that myself. I’m not a true geek, so I’m too scared to do this kind of thing myself.

I need to give her model numbers in order to get pricing.

I don’t know what model number that was for the $68 one. Don’t assume it’s going to be the same price. Everything here tech wise is more expensive, so I have to figure out if paying the extra shipping prices (Amazon will be free, but Mailbox Etc. won’t be) from Miami to Panama is worth it. It shouldn’t be more than an extra $20 b/c I have to pay duty since it will be more than $50, & then I have to pay for the extra shipping which I assume is another $5-10.

Then I have to figure out if getting a newer model is also worth it. Again, if no one can help me with the bios settings & they are going to charge me too much to do the bios & install the new video card (I’m scared about letting them do the bios settings), then it sounds more logical to get the entire MB changed, but again, if they have to order the MB in, then I won’t be able to go in until probably Friday or Monday.

I have to run, I’m already late.

If you can help me, I really appreciate it. If not, I have to take the computer in tomorrow which is going to be a PAIN b/c I have no car & no way to transport it other than maybe a suitcase, but if someone can help me with the bios settings & video card, then I will only have to take it in when I get a new MB.

Just one other question…

Other than the MB, everything else should be up-to-date, correct? I bought a new power supply, memory & HD last year. I want to make sure everything else is up-to-date.

Thanks a ton & TTYL


I can walk you through installing the new video card (maybe not by phone, but definitely over live chat or PM)…

You say that you bought new memory, a new power supply, and a new hard drive last year. Your hard drive seems up to date, but your memory is horrendously old (well, maybe not horrendously, but it’s old). The fact is, you can’t find a lot of motherboards nowadays that support your memory type.

If installing your new video card is all you need, I can definitely help you with that.

Thank you, but you didn’t understand me. I said I CAN’T install the video card b/c of the MB. Didn’t I say that in my original post?

As for the memory, I just bought it like last year or maybe the end of the previous year. How old is it?