New Computer Compatability Question

Hello, i’m building my own computer and i was wondering if someone could take a look at these components i’m looking at to see if they are compatible with one another as i have no idea how to tell whether they are or not…

Also, if you know the area, could you tell me if this PC would run modern games on a highish setting (Anything higher than medium) on games like Crysis 2, and Battlefield Bad Co.2?

Thanks Alot In Advance!

Links are…

Case -

Graphics Card -

Motherboard -




Sound Card -

Disk Drive -

Power Supply -

Monitor -

Many Thanks!

You should probably get a different power supply, 500W will be the absolute minimum. Higher the better. 700W to 800W is a good range.

All the parts u have choose is the best but u have to upgrate ur power supply to 650W minimum for good performance. Ur motherboeard link is now working u have to fix it.
if u r buying i5 than why don’t u go for i7 its better & the try to buy 1TB HDD by paying few more Dollars.