Which JavaScript Book Should I buy?

I’m currently enrolled in a class and the we are going to use a book from cangage.com (or course.com ).

and we are told to buy this book:

But since I have gotten another book from them a couple of months ago, and read the product’s reviews. I really don’t want to buy this book and if I find a good book I’m willing to talk to my instructor, and if he doesn’t give me a choice. I will fail so bad!.

The poll was a mistake!

I actually just came here to ask exactly the same question.

Except It isn’t for a class, just personal development.

Just bought O’Reillys Definitive Javascript guide 5th ed on ebay for really cheap.

But would like another more ‘digestible’ book that I could carry to and from work and read on the way.

Sorry I’m not actually helping :\

What about Sitepoint’s Simply Javascript or The Javascript Anthology?

Thank’s so much everyone I think I found a good book!
Javascript step by step…