Which is the best Memory like DDR1,DDR2,DDR3?

Hello Guys,
I am really confused and never knew that which is the best Memory like DDR1,DDR2,DDR3?


The one that is compatible with your machine is the answer to the question: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DDR_SDRAM

DDR3, because I use it. :smiley:

DD3 is the best memory but your computer machine should support it. It is built with the newer technology and it has benefits over other types of DDR RAMs

As you can see, DDR3 is the fastest of them. So, prefer DDR3 if your motherboard supports it.

In fact, it represent the different development level of Memory in its history,generally,DDR3 is the best because it has the fatest transferring speed.but all of them are suit to different level motherboard,So there’s no answer for which one is best.