RAM Upgrade


Just a quick question.

I’m upgrading my RAM and wondering if my current would run along with my new intended.

I currently use 2x1GB Corsair XMS PC2-5400 (667).

My motherboard supports PC2-6400 too, so if I installed some 800mhz would it run together with my current RAM, or would it be a replacement?


Thanks. I just got some OCZ 2x2GB PC2-6400. I’ve always stuck to Corsair, anything but value select, not sure why. But OCZ have a good rep so it can’t hurt to try them out. I will replace my current to make sure it runs at 800Mhz.

Thanks for your help.

If you add some 800mhz it might run with the 667, at 667mhz.

The best thing to do is to replace with the better RAM

The next best is to scour the manufacturer’s forums for information on what you’re trying to do.