16gb lpddr3 vs 8gb ddr4 for a laptop

Looking to by a laptop for coding but can’t decide between 16gb lpddr3 or 8gb ddr4


I know that ddr3 is slower but ddr4 is faster so would 8 GB of ddr4 be faster then lpddr3 16gbs or will the 16 make the lpddr3 faster?

DDR4 is faster than DDR3 if you never need more than 8 GB, the choise is easy.

16 GB is faster than 8 GB if you need more than 8 GB, so this choise too is easy.

Now if you are going for a new 8 GB DDR4 machine, choose one that have room for 16 GB RAM. :wink:



Windows, Linux or a Mac?

-yogo s730
-I dont know should I go for the i7 or the i5 model as the ram is different

Processor: i7-8565U
Memory: 16.0GB LPDDR3 (2133MHz)
Storage: 256GB SSD PCIe


Processor: i5-8265U
Memory: 8 GB DDR4 (2133 MHz)
Same ssd

The reason for asking about the operating system was that this article may be relevant:

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In my opinion, the 16 GB is the better choice here. More RAM is very good when you want virtual hosts using different OS setups as a developer.

In comparing the options; the i/7is a little bit faster than the i5 which IMHO could match the little faster DDR4. Also mind what @John_Betong posted, (as a dev you might grow tired of what Windows is doing behind your back, but that is only my view o/c.)

The only factor that would make me favor DDR4 is the slightly better reliability and performance at low power, like when the system is about to suspend/hibernate during a battery drainage.

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No difference depending on what the expected use is? eg. gaming, graphics, developing, data, surfing …

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@John_Betong @Mittineague @Erik_J
Thanks for the info

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I would go for this one. Better processor, more RAM. Case closed for me.

There is really not much difference in performance either DDR3 or DDR4. If you need more RAM than 8GB of DDR3, then you need more than 8GB of DDR4 anyway. I would definitely choose 16GB DDR3. Is it a cost issue?

No there the same price with black Friday sales but the ram is solder on , There the only two options

ok, I would go for 16GB DDR3

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