Which is better?

I’d like to know , which is better Linux platform or Windows and why ?


…for what?

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Could you please add a bit more information here? Which platform do you use? Are you considering switching to the other? What features of Linus/Windows are you interested in comparing - ease of use? security? other?

I use Windows 8.1 , an I’d like to know if Linux is better in speed processioning , and in Security as well

I would recommend you none of them.
Try Apple )

Why? How does it compare in terms of speed and security, which seem to be the issues the OP is particularly interested in?

I find Linux much better for my workflow. It’s faster (or at least feels it, programs open instantly, on windows they take a few seconds). All updates happen at once ( system and application updates are done together). You install software through a package manager which leaves a lot less scope for getting viruses than downloading and running executables from arbitrary websites and updates happen when you want not when Microsoft wants.

As for Apple. The UI is horrible and cluttered, it stops you accessing the filesystem and everything is significantly more difficult than either Windows or Linux unless are working in the very narrow confines of what Apple expect you to do.


that’s what the turtlenecks are really for. blinders. :wink:

I think partly the answer comes down to personal level of comfort - are you a super-technical, “I run on the command line” sort of person, or are you looking for the OS to abstract that away? Are you talking about for yourself, or for a group?

I’m not sure there’s an objective “This one is better”, its just “This one is better for me and my use case.”

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Thanks for your clarifications

I using my Pc in producing graphics

If you’re thinking of changing from Windows to Linux, the question that most often comes up is, “Can I run my software on Linux?” and if not, “Is there a good alternative to what I’m using now?”


are all software can run on Linux ?
ie , Photoshop , Illustrator , in design , Microsoft …etc

Certainly Illustrator and Photoshop do not run on Linux. I don’t know about etc! :lol:

so which applications that run on Linux ?

Try https://alternativeto.net/

If you rely on Adobe software, don’t use Linux.

Krita and Gimp are both very capable (free) alternatives but obviously do not have the support that commercial software does. They also work in different ways so will have a learning curve as if you were relearning Photoshop from scratch.

It seems that I am going to resume my works on WINDOWS , this is my final decision
I will not waste time to know how to run new applications on Linux . and this may retard me running my business on My website

Depending on the version, it can be made to run:

But, yeah. Like Tom says. Linux is not a good choice if you rely on Adobe products.

Edit: See you made your choice. I’ll leave this here anyways.

I think that if you are running Linux and install Wine, then Adobe products might work. But I have not tried it.

If you’re running Windows 8, it’s NO WONDER you want to switch to something else. Win8 was a modern Windows ME (Millenium Edition) with nagging. Switch to Win7 and I think you’ll be less frustrated. (Windows 10 sends everything you do to Micro$oft.)

On the flip side, I have a VM at home running Debian Mint with a Mate (mah-TAY) desktop, and I love it. But it won’t run Office or any of the other programs that I use.

So, yeah, it’s primarily what software you need to run followed by personal preference.


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I think windows system is better because I am not familier with Linux. :yum: