Which firm to hire for Optimizing Google Adwords?


I have been searching for a company who can handle the managing and optimization of my google adwords.

I have looked at alot of companies, but im not sure. I have heard a lot of horror stories about a lot of seo/sem companies being scammers.

Has anyone worked with
1). LoveClients.com
2). flexsin.com ( they have high feedback on elance)
3). netsmartz.net ( they have high feedback on guru)
4). jellyfish.co.uk
5). Jumpfly

Can anyone recommend trusted PPC Management company ? OR do you have any experience with any firm which does SEM?

Budget = $300

Stoney deGeyter’s Pole Position Marketing is a proven and respected leader in the SEO/SEM industry helping business of all sizes expand their online presence and increase their return-on-investment.

I’m not sure if he will work for only $300. But it can’t hurt to contact him.

David Jackson

Thanks ill give them a try

How large is your campaign? $300 total… $300 for management and thousands in media? Is that monthly? Weekly? Hourly?

$300 is per month. Becuase, this is what i have been offered from the majority of firms from guru and elance.

I can increase the budget to atmost $600 per month.

How much is your marketing spend to accompany that $300 management fee?

Why not try an outsourcing provider who can definitely do that tasks. $600/month is a reasonable offer. Provide your contact info then.

$1000 per month to start with.

I did contact outsourcing agencies via elance and guru. I did mention that in my initial post.

$250-$300 is the average rate of Freelancing agencies in elance and guru.

You can contact me via PM or Email, click on my username above the avatar.

So effectively 30% of your media would be on management. That’s high for a large campaign but not unheard of. The question is… how much better results will you get for $300 vs a very basic firm vs doing it yourself. Outsourcing setup is often a great idea but you need to be sure you’re getting enough help with that $300 to justify using them as that’s not a lot of money for them to really do a lot.

Ted, what would you say a reasonable marketing spend would be ?

Ted, lets say that the cost is not an issue for the time being , rather the reputation and the trusthworthiness of a PPC/SEO marketing Agency. The question would be which company to trust or which company delivers results and is not just another scam agency.

I am more concerned for increasing overall conversion rates via google adwords, and i think that is directly related to the landing pages of my site design, call to actions etc.

At a low media level it’s hard to say. I’ve had large campaigns at 20% so the differance isn’t big. If the value is good it’s a fair enough price but the question I’d really ask is how much more you can get yourself with 30% more budget on this small a campaign. For $300 you won’t get hourly updates or likely evey daily updates so unless you’re just slammed or completely new, why can’t you do it in house? What do you really gain? And how much does that differance equal back out to in sales?

I have been looking at http://www.thinkbigsites.com/

They seem to have good reviews, though they charge $990 per month, starting package along with $500 setup fee.

Ted, i have been doing it in house and the conversion rate is not satisfactory.