Which Development Features are recommended for Downloading/Uploading data for iPhones

Hi Folks,

The application needs to be able to update its local database (CoreData/SQLlite) from a CSV file, downloaded via USB from a Laptop or Desktop computer, or directly from a Central Database Server via a Web Server (ASP.Net application) and Wi-Fi connection.

After tasks have been performed with the application, data (CSV file) needs to be uploaded to the Central Database Server either directly, via a Web Server (ASP.Net application) and Wi-Fi connection, or by uploading a CSV file to a Laptop or Desktop computer that can connect to the Central Database Server.

Which iPhone Application Development features need to be used to enable these scenarios?

What methods/classes need to be used by the application to create a CSV file on the iPhone?

Will File Transfer applications from Third Party sources be able to manage the movement of the CSV files via a USB connection to a Laptop or Desktop computer?

Can these scenarios be achieved using HTML5?

Thank you, Michael.

I’d start with not using CSV – it is an antiquated format best left to the mainframe guys.

If you are on iOS 5 or better JSON is the easy option, before that it is a pick your poison.

Can JSON be imported into an MS SQL Server database?

Sure, json is parsable and if you can parse it you can INSERT it. Most likely you’d build a web service to take the submitted JSON, sanitize things and push into your database server.

Check out the ASP.NET WebAPI bits.