Automated .csv advice

I need to send a csv file to a company from data gathered using various stored procedures on our db. There will be a monthly full export of all records and a weekly export of new/updated records.

What is the best way to go about this? Should i write a web service with two methods and set up two windows scheduled task to run the web service? Is it better to get MS SQLServer to export the data as a csv file or get .net to build the csv itself?

Any help/guidance/ideas greatly appreciated.


Are they picking up or do you need to deliver?

Anyhow, in terms of generating the CSV files, Sql Server’s SSIS should work if you are just executing SQL statements to get the data. If the data is a bit more complex check out FileHelpers to handle CSV generation. I don’t see much of a need for a web service here unless that is how they want to grab the files.

We are going to deliver. I thought this may be the case - cheers for yuo help :slight_smile:

in your case i think it is better to do it in SSIS. It is same like you are doing code in VS