Which CMS to choose?


I have made a few website, but I have never used a CMS. I have made simple php-scripts for adding content to my site.

Now I have the idea to make a site with some sheet music (pdf), and I think that it is easiest and most time efficient to use a CMS.

But which CMS is the best then? I am thinking of something that is not too simple… I want to have great flexibility, and the opportunity to understand what is happening in the source code.

Can anyone here please give me some suggestions?


Nothing beats doing some research on this. There are many available, and you have to read up on them and find what suits you. The big one is Drupal, and while they say it can be hard to learn, it offers a lot.

Another popular one is WordPress.

You should use Drupal cms if you want to develope higher.

Drupal or WordPress. Drupal is harder to learn, so I use WordPress. Sorry to say but you’d be a fool to use any other CMS but these two. Other CMS’s don’t come with as many plug-ins and Joomla is not my choice of CMS. Hope this help!

@Sega ;

So I guess I’m a fool then. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use ModX CMS. ModX Evolution is suitable for smaller sites and ModXRevolution for sites that will eventually extend over 1000 pages. I have used them both. They each have a little bit of a learning curve but not as much as Drupal.

I’m not a big fan of plugins. I like to know exactly what is on my site so that I can easily change it or fix it if I want to. With ModX, I can do all of that. There are a few plugins, but it’s entirely your choice as to whether or not to use them. You can entirely custom-code your whole site in html/css and create your own themes, add javascript or jquery where you want it, and also add your own php scripts. Additionally the documentation is pretty decent and straight forward, so you will always be able to find out “how” if you are unsure and “why” if you don’t understand.

Here’s a link to the ModX site gallery. Take a look and see what others are doing with ModX.

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lol… must be :slight_smile: maybe I was a bit off the mark with the ‘fool’ bit. :slight_smile:

It depends on what you want to do. For search engine optimization I cannot fault WP or Drupal, they seam to be doing incredibly well. I choose the plug-ins wisely because most plug-ins are either broken or have no use to me. I either use the performance plug-ins and the SEO tools. I’ve found WordPress to have better plug-ins than Drupal. If you’re looking into those 2 aspects, performance and search engine optimization then you know my choice.

I’ve recently been looking into shopify, and that looks really amazing. So, if I have a budget I would choose Shopify for an ecommerce solution. Their support is really something else too, really friendly staff. Their availability is pretty much out of this world. They charge a certain fee from each transaction which keeps them going and pays for this amazing support.

I never warmed to modx cms, but I can start to use it again and see what it’s all about. When I used it last time (if I remember correctly) the site was yellowy-orange, and it was one of the few CMS’s that was completely driven asynchronously. I did not stick around long enough to know about it’s community. How is the community there? Any good?

From experience I found the WordPress community good via IRC, can’t say much of the same for the Drupal community, they aren’t very helpful (or at least I never found them to be). The documentation for Drupal is good, but considering I have it good with WordPress I will stick around there a little longer. I guess the community really means a lot for me. The main reason I ‘gave up’ on Drupal was down to the community. Very iconic considering their slogan.

Edit: My main focus is performance and search engine optimization, so this is why I love WordPress so much. I like the support and it’s easy to use nature. There is also thousands of templates that can be offered to clients, so you’re never stuck with WordPress.

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not quite sure what you mean by asyncrhonously. The definition is "not starting one operation until another is completed. Although I don’t see a problem with that, it isn’t always the case in ModX and even less so than in WP.

I don’t leave SEO up to my CMS, but that is for a whole different discussion. With ModX, my sites are first page for the keywords I wanted to target. That works for me.

The ModX community is strong, but of course, not as strong as the WP. It’s a matter of numbers. However, the documentation is current and, for the most part, it’s easy to find out what you want to know when you want to know it.

WordPress has a huge SEO advantage. There are so many plug-ins you can use to enhance your search engine optimization. I was looking at one that automatically changed your body copy to enhance it’s SEO factors giving further suggestions on headings and so forth. I really love this kind of assistance. Apart from it’s SEO advantages it’s really simple to use. This always helps clients.
I will check out modx and learn a little more about it.

Wordpress works great if you’re into getting into the coder. For more flexibility Drupal is preferred, ashame it did not work for me. “came for the software and left because of the community”. Maybe in a year or two when I am seasoned WP professional I’d find Drupal easier, who knows. On that note I’ve learned lots with WordPress, so no regrets there.

Another great CMS (this one being commercial) is http://www.squarespace.com/. It’s really simple to use. Then again if we’re going to be getting down the path of commercial CMS’s you can always try WordPress’s PageLines (http://www.pagelines.com/). They involve less code digging but you’d still be able to do your job.

I will suggest you to use joomla. Jomla has a lot of module, componant, plugin than any other cms. Joomla is much professional then any other cms. You can develop it as you wish…