Which CMS?

I realise this is a difficult question to answer but I’m trying to find a suitable tool to create a website that will have just half-a-dozen or so properties for sale but maintainable by the client - the ability to input details of properties and upload photos of the properties.

It seems like a sledgehammer to crack a walnut to use Joomla or Drupal and I have looked at RazorCMS which looked like a goer but is just not slick enough.

I’d appreciate any thoughts.

Thanks G :slight_smile:

Maybe a small CMS is what you need. Check out Perch. It plugs in to a static site, making designated parts of each page editable. Very nicely designed and incredible support. It is hosted on your own site, very easy to use, one-off (and small) payment. Really nice piece of work. The other one I’d look at is [URL=“http://mojomotor.com/”]MojoMotor, the baby sister of ExpressionEngine.

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Many thanks, Ralph. I’ll check those out.

And sorry, Dave

G :slight_smile:

I’m sure I sound like a broken record when answering questions of this type, but WordPress would be ideal for something like this.

You could do a lot with just the default 2010 theme and create separate pages for each property, or grab a free or inexpensive real estate theme if you want to go all out. :smiley:



As long as broken records are the order of the day… :slight_smile:

Check out MODx for maximum flexibility.

I’m up for broken records too. Thanks guys.

I would have mentioned WordPress, MODx and so on, except that the original request was for advice on simpler solutions for a simpler site. I guess a pre-made WordPress theme is a good option, though WP will get messy if too many changes need to be made, in the which case it’s back to square one.

I agree with you here ralph. When it comes to customizing, most of the bigger CMS systems, not only WordPress, become very messy indeed. They are not as user friendly as they advertise them selfs

In my opinion, MODx is ideal for small sites as it can be as complicated or simple as you want it to be. I am planning eventually to migrate even my smallest sites to MODx because it just makes everything easier without getting in the way.

It’s great to start with a simpler solution for a simpler site but one has to think that the site may grow in the future and the need for more features may require a rethinking of more robust and suitable solution. Modular CMS such as Drupal or Joomla may do the trick.

Think about if your users need a forum, a well detailed webform for communication and data gathering, more interaction with your users and what not.

Bottom line think about the future as well. What would your site looks like in 5 years.


I have checked out as many CMS as I could & settled on Unify with good results so far.

That’s a good point, and one good reason to consider MojoMotor, as it’s the baby sister of ExpressionEngine, and can be upgraded to that system very simply.

Something to keep me busy over the holidays. I tried RazorCMS but 2 of the HTML editors had bugs so as to make them unfit for purpose. Perch fell at the first hurdle not replying to a pre-sales enquiry.

Thanks for all the comments, guys. This is really helpful.

Hmm, that’s odd, because their support is outstanding. This is the best place to ask questions: http://support.grabaperch.com/ (though I don’t know if it’s suited for pre-sales).

I’d be interested to know what your question was. :slight_smile:

I’d be interested to know what your question was.

I simply asked:
I can’t see what facilities there are for uploading and including in a web page several photos for an item. Can you say how Perch handles this?

I was really into Perch last year, but have been focused on other things this year and so am a bit rusty. But it has a really nice system for this. You can either define a set place for an image to sit, if you know in advance where it will go, or you can just upload an image along with other text in a text field and let CSS position it.

There are various WYSIWYG options, as for other CMSs. So you can use things like Markdown etc and have a button to click to upload an image. You can crop it, resize it, create thumbnails etc. You can create a nice gallery too. (That video gives a nice example of what the upload interface looks like.)

Perch is developing fast, and I haven’t kept up with all the changes this year, but I reckon the guy behind it (Drew) is a genius. His quick response to questions in the support forum is amazing. I wish I could spend more time with this CMS.

I think that’s part of my problem. I get stuck into a product for one project and then promptly forget it all as I get on with other stuff.