Which CMS is better to startup a new website for a newbie, Joomla or Wordpress?

Hi guys,

I want to know which CMS will be better for a new starter who don’t have knowledge about programming. I find that Joomla, PHP and Wordpress are the best CMS. But still confused to which i picked to develop my website.

PHP is not a CMS but the language Joomla and WordPress have been written in.

What may be best for you really depends on the type of site want to have. You might also want to consider hosted solutions such as wordpress.com and similar (you can do a search on hosted CMS solutions. For someone who has no design, coding, and programming background, it might be a good start to get your feet wet, again, depending on what you actually want to do.

this depends on your website content but personally I recommend wordpress.

Do you know HTML and CSS? If so, a big world opens up to you, because quite a few CMSes let you focus on those front end aspects while handling the dynamic functionality in the backgroudn for you. If you don’t know HTML and CSS, then as kohoutek said, a hosted solution like Squarespace or Webvanta might be a better fit for you.

If you’re a total newbie who has trouble even figuring out how to clear cache, or what the backbutton on a browser does … and all you want is a simple “bloggish” site, then definitely Wordpress.

If your needs are more complex, you want greater control over how things are accessed, categorized and displayed, and you’re not frightened by having to read a few pieces of documentation to get up and running, then definitely Joomla.

Both are great tools, by the way, and each perfectly capable of handling the needs of most starter websites.

Do yourself a favour and go with Wordpress. If you are a starter without programming knowledge then you want the friendly-ness of the Wordpress environment. You will learn along the way regardless but you can do a lot of work with a little knowledge on Wordpress. Personally I don’t find Joomla anywhere near as user-friendly, but it is preferred by others.

If you are a complete starter I would take kohoutek & Ralph’s advice above and check out a hosted solution. You’ll get support and be in an environment that will have good explanations and tutorials. Once you are confident in your own skills you can move on but they are a great way to avoid the pitfalls and frustrations of diving in at the deep end.

Wordpress without question is the best choice for a newbie. It has by far the easiest to use user interface.

Php not a CMS,Joomla and wordpress are very powerful tools for create a website esay and fast, what do you want? a blog use Wordpress, another kind of website use joomla

Stay away from Joomla, seriously.

Wordpress is fine, but how “simple” are you talking? Some options if it’s a really simply site that may be better suited than Wordpress include:



Without any doubt and without any hesitation, You should go with WordPress, you will love its flexibility and list of features :slight_smile:

I recommend WordPress. As others have stated it is very easy to use, very friendly environment and can do pretty much anything you need it to.
Im not a fan of Joomla, it is a more complex environment, definitely not as friendly for new users.

PHP is a coding language like HTML, CSS and JavaScript are. it is a similar syntax to Javascript so if you plan on learning PHP, i reccomend learning JS (JavaScript) first - at least to get a basic feel for the syntax.

Also if you are looking for wp (wordpress) tutorials, check out vtc.com

Whatever CMS you choose as your main app, you should never use any one CMS for every type of site. Right tool for the right job. As a service provider you should either know how to work with 3 or 4 different CMSs, or have resources you can contract work out, otherwise you’ll be doing a disservice to some of your clients.

Wordpress in my opinion. You will agree that Wordpress is much easier to manage than Joomla. Joomla can easily get bloated with add-ons and become very difficult to manage at that point.

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