I want to sell my website

Dear Friend,
I am completely unfamiliar about how to sell my website.
I am running the amazon affiliate website.I have about 50 visitors daily through search engine.I have several ow competitive keywords ranked on first page.I have about 1 or 2 daily sales through the website.Some one want to buy it. What the price should be and how it is calculated.
Kindly explain me in detail.

Flippa is a good place to sell websites. Check out the information available there.

Many sites are available for buy & sell websites Flippa(dot)com & buysellwebsite(dot)com are good of them.

http://www.stephanmiller.com/my-link-lists/7-places-to-buy-and-sell-websites/ you can visit here and i hope you will find here which you want.

Dealasite.com is another best place to sell or buy website. They categorisze websites as per PageRank , traffic and seo factors.

Is there any site that do not take money untill the buy/sell is completed?

Thanks for all the links, everyone. I’m sure I’ll be able to find something that works for me :slight_smile: