Where to sell a Website?

I am thinking of selling a webcam live chat, where should I post the site. What is the better way to do this commercial transaction?

I am not sure of what the best way to sell your site would be, but I know you can list it on sedo

SitePoint have their own site for selling web sites - It is called Flippa

Thanks felgall, I didn’t know about this one.

That is great website to sell and purchase. Thanks for sharing data. One more website at my view Godday is also good website selling.

I would suggest you to try SEDO.COM payment is guaranteed.

Sedo is only for buying and selling domains, not established websites.

Probably NamePro can give you an advice about your matter.

I just sold my first blog thru Flippa.com
(sold for $375)
I strongly recommend it!