Where to Learn Coding / Practice Doing Projects after Beginner Textbooks?


I have down the round of textbooks / books and now I want to get my hands dirty with actually building things.

What would be the next best steps?

What I would love to see would be the codes for small projects: build an email system, build a small cms system, build some components of a social networking system -


Great would be just html, javaScript, PHP, files with a discussion of Database.

Any suggestions on where to get my hands on / see commented scripts small projects etc?

thanks a lot!

Go Build Things! :smiley:
No, really, practice is the best way to learn.

If the books you have already read didn’t cover these things, maybe check out the Sitepoint Premium PHP courses, they cover this sort of stuff.

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As well as Sam’s suggestion, you’ll also find that a good number of the Sitepoint articles focus on using different technologies to create small projects too.

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The trouble with just sticking to working through project-based articles or tutorials is that eventually you will want to build your own project without depending on someone else’s code.

So after trying some of these project-based courses or tutorial articles from places like SitePoint, make up your own project, plan it and just go ahead and do it. At first, it is hard starting from nothing so it is good practice to plan your own practice project from the ground up. If you get stuck, Google it - you will find many other people ran into the same problem, so there are tons of solutions out there.



I want to build a social network as part of my business idea and am planning on starting with PHP5 Social Networking textbook.

I think that the idea of having my own framework quite appealing - knowing the program inside out so to speak.

Then I will try to update it and try to build one myself. It does look quite steep.

Thanks for all your suggestions!

Keep in mind that the book is ~5 years old already and unless you’re fast there’s a good chance PHP 5 will be no more by the time you’re near launching.

Please - do not use the mysql_ functions at least that way upgrading your code for PHP 7 will be less brutal.

That said, I’m sure the book will let you learn many concepts and things that will carry over to PHP 7

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