PHP further learning

Hi guys, having graduated last year from uni I feel it is now time to further my PHP skills.

I’m currently at the following points of what I can do

Create a DB in MySQL
Add/Remove/Edit entries through html/PHP
Build a simple login form (including registration process)

I feel that covers my overall knowledge, I feel I am a beginner, I looked at the course Sitepoint offer and I feel I can do majority of the tasks they say are contained within the course.

I’m looking at frameworks such as code ignitor and they confuse me as I am not used to the functions or that amount of code.

So I feel a short course or a series of tutorials would be a good stepping stone from where I am out. Just wondering if anyone could recommend anything that would be fantastic. Open to suggestions.

Adam :slight_smile:

Rather than following tutorials I’d strongly recommend setting up a personal project and trying to code that, you’re bound to get stuck at some point, but you should be able to find answers easily on the web, and here of course. I find that by actually working towards a goal brings together all the aspects you learn, whereas with tutorials you tend to learn specific elements in isolation from each other.