Learning web development

does anyone have a good idea how I can effectively teach myself web development applications using instruction books? Particularly those that require web server and database server interaction?

W3school is the best site to learn web development languages and scripts with examples and do/try it yourself application.

Here is a good book to start you off.

Part of learning this is learning secure coding practices.

thanks both of you for helpful responses. I registered with a web hosting service that offers numerous tools including a PHP scripting editor and a MySql database server. Also available to me are Wordpress and other Content Management System applications.

You’ll find a good number of people here disagree with that, for many reasons.

cjbergin - if you don’t already have a sound knowledge of HTML and CSS, I’d strongly advise you to start there. Everything else can follow. This book from SitePoint comes highly recommended, although I’ve not used it myself.

Well, I’m not one of them, I appreciate w3schools.

And in my opinion moderators here should refrain from bad-mouthing competing sites. It’s not exactly professional.

Moderators are users, people with opinions. We’re not hired by SitePoint or speak for SitePoint. We’re all web developers and allowed to have and voice opinions just like everyone else. :slight_smile:

I cant see how TechnoBear has bad mouthed anyone there Doug. w3schools used to be THE place to go but it has fallen by the wayside somewhat.
The site TB linked to is a well know site and not her own.

Of course there are many website in net that can help you to learning web development. better you find a training center near your residence.

w3schools works for me to. However, I’m currently watching Youtube videos to enhance my web developing skills.

your best option would be taking some classes in a school. if you cant afford the time/money buy some great books and practice as you read.