Where To Find Guest Blogger?

I have been busy this time and i have over than 50 blog than i’m sure it is hard to write it my self for this all blogs, so i only can handle 3 blog. I have found some sites that provide free unique content that what the sites said, and i have set this all blog with this content provider, I like it but each article that provide will put 3 link inside and all of this link should be dofollow, this is what i dont like so much.

Well, do you know where i can find guest blogger?

You could post a blogger wanted ad on Craigslist. A lot of people go looking for jobs there. You could also try posting a job ad on the forums that you frequent - at least you already know people there. Go blog hopping as well, maybe you’ll come across someone whose writing style you like and you can ask him/her to be your guest blogger.