How To Get Writers For Blogging?

OK, I need some serious and helpful suggestions.

I run a web design blog & forum at Currently the blog is updated by me, guest posts are allowed also. But I want to get some writers (just like & On these sites the blog posts are written by more than 1 person and therefore they have wide range of topics and people experts in those fields.

Can anyone suggest me what should be the best way to communicate and invite writers to write on my blog?

I just don’t want to jump and start sending emails to writers, it should be done properly and effectively to get good output.

Waiting for your replies.


There are lot of freelancer websites available.,.you can get writers there, but make sure their writing skills before go for any business dealing.

Looking for good writer is difficult to find but if you want I have a friend who writes quality articles. I can suggest you to her.

craigst list it. im sure you can find may writers

From all of the friends that I made by commenting on blogs, there are times when they create some articles for me as guest posts. sometimes I make articles for them too. specially if the issue is something that i know about… its a great and easy way to get writers… its even free.

Why cant you hire some paid writers? There are mnay online available who are willing to write for money.

Why don’t you hire a freelance writer for your blog

it is kind of a snowball effect. Always tough to get started. try offering follow links to their sites if you are not already.

Yes Freelancer is a good place to get writers. By the way nice website.

I am sure there are a lot of excellent writers out there the only problem is finding them. Why don’t you post an add in your blog.

You need to ask these questions to the applicants

How many articles can they write a day
Sample articles or portfolio
Turn-around time

I always get a better writer with these questions.

I am trying to establish a multi-contributor blog experiment over here in this thread, if you want to copy my concept. Feel free.

Furthermore, they’re probably the best writers for your blog. They have a passion for your subject (a big plus point), and know your blog pretty well, so it’s a good one to go for :slight_smile:

believe it or not , i found a bunch on skype , if interested I can refer somebody to you with first hand experience , if interested pm me

Create ad with banner your web

You may want to reconsider, because it can be very effective. Go to a blog directory and search for blogs covering the topics that appeal to you. Then select the ones getting little traffic and ask the writers if they’d like to reach more viewers by writing on your website/blog.

marketing promotion , i’m sure. many people can see your promotion on your web

post your project at getafreelancer and get free lance writer

you can give ad to your blog and also by using forum , you can request for freelance write…you will get a lot here…

You can try looking by keeping a small ad on the forums and other discussion portals and then check if any body replies you , do they have proper communication skills and how good are they in writing content apart from understanding…
Good Luck… !!!

You will need strong budget to hire lancers, good luck. I try some methods but most are useless