Where to find affiliates for our jewelry program

Need Opinion

Hi Everyone,
We just launched an affiliate program for our jewelry website, but don’t know how to find new affiliates.

Info about this site:
Over 400 cheap fashion jewelry styles now;
The styles are popular because we sell them on Ebay and Aliexpress too;
Product price ranges from $2.99-$25.99.

Info about Affiliate Program:
The Minimum Payout is $20, pay weekly.
10% commission. (the average amount of order is $15 on our site)
We bought Affiliate Plus to track sales.


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[FONT=verdana]You need to ask your question the other way round. You’ve got to make it easy for affiliates to find you. And, when they do find you, you’ve got to give them all the information they need to encourage them to sign up.

So you need a section of your site aimed specifically at potential affiliates. Make sure this contains fully detailed information about your program, including the commission rate, how often you pay out, what currencies you work in, what geographic restrictions you have (if any), and generally what your rules and policies are - in fact, just about any question that a potential affiliate might ask.

Also, make sure that this information is visible before the affiliate signs up. This is an important point. There’s nothing more annoying than a site where you have to sign up to get the information you need in order to decide whether to sign up.

Having provided that information, you then have to make it as easy as possible for the affiliate to sign up - and make the approval process easy as well. Then, make sure you run the affiliate programme efficiently and fairly.

If you do all that, you won’t necessarily get potential affiliates beating a path to your door, but you should be on your way to a successful program.



Thank You, Mike.
We’ve made Affiliate Page on our website, covering all the details you mentioned. It’s visible to anyone without signing up.
The problem is that is our site is a fashion jewelry site for women. Most of our customers just buy jewelry and leave.
We need to find affiliates elsewhere. I’ve submitted some affiliate directories. It’s not every effective.
Is there any other way I can try?



Have you made sure your affiliates page is well-optimised for search engines? That would be a good start. The point is that, if someone is looking for affiliate programmes to join, they’re more likely to search for something related to affiliate programmes than they are to search for something related to jewellery.

The only other suggestion I can make is to consider signing up for an affiliate network such as ClickBank. But do research that option carefully before you commit yourself, to make sure that their terms are advantageous to you.


Hi Mike,

Is there a section in the Sitepoint forum where I could open a thread to introduce my affiliate program? I can’t find it. Thanks.


You could try to submit your program in the affiliate directories. Also you could contact directly the websites that are content related to see if they are interested in a partnership with you.


Running a standalone program is difficult for any sized company but especially a smaller one…

Not only do you have to content with awareness but affiliates have to believe in the integrity of your system. Few people will find you and even fewer will believe that you’re a reliable source versus all of the other large brands in the space.

If you do chose to peruse the direct route you’ll want to get heavily integrated into webmaster & affiliate communities. Some will let you announce a program, others you can just reply to questions about yours and of course you get a signature / blog footer / profile depending on the site type.

But really if you want to make a program a big part of your marketing I’d suggest looking into a network. There’s several major players (CJ, Pepperjam, Linkshare, Google, etc) who all have the trust and reach already.

[FONT=Verdana]Hi Daniele, and welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

The forums are for discussion, and are therefore not the place to advertise your business. You can do that in the SitePoint Market. Also, when you have been a member for over 90 days, you can add a signature to your posts with a link to your site.[/FONT]

Thanks for your answer!

90 days?! I though it was after 10 posts! :slight_smile: I better review again the forum rules!


That’s always a good idea :wink:
And you’ll find that even in your signature, you can’t include affiliate or referral IDs.[/ot]