Where do you get your images?

I was just wondering where every gets their images or other content for their designs? I typically use Getty Images, iStockPhoto, Flickr and the Envato Marketplaces.

Where do you guys go?

Hi, I use;




I generally use iStockPhoto but I also use Big Stock Photo on occasion.

I find that these two tend to cover the majority of the images that can be found on the smaller sites.

I use corbis dot com :slight_smile:

For i-quall.com i thrown many design ideas to designer ,and my designer just invented one for me.The secret part, i use bing.com home page images for color combination.

Corbis and Getty charge for many of their photos, as do the two Hawk mentioned. Stock XChang and PDPhoto do not. I’m not sure how Stock XChang’s policy towards commercial use is…

It depends on the photographers preferences. Some require that you notify them if you use a picture of theirs, others you can use as you please.

Russell, good to know. I’m using a Stock XChang photo as a front-page element in the design I’m doing now. Might be good to find out if I can actually use it…!

There is no guarantee that the author will contact you, as it needs to be done via a form on the website. In saying that though I have had replies from photographers there before and they are more then happy to give you permission :slight_smile:

That usually depends on the client’s budget and requirements.

I have a professional photographer who travels around the world nearly every year, so I’m supplied with professional photography for specific needs whenever I need it and the client can/wants to afford it.

For other clients I use iStockphoto mainly.

Fotolia is another good one, bit cheaper than istock.

Never knew Stock XChang and PDPhoto existed, defiantly going to use them in the future.

There are various sites where we can get pictures.To get the appropriate and exact image which you are looking for one needs to use Adobe Photoshop so as to edit and use the images as per your requirements.