Top 5 paid stock photo images website

Can anybody give me the top 5 places you visit to get your stock photos? I’m not really interested in the free stuff but for paid images. Preferably towards the lower end of the scale such as IStockPhotos and such.


I have used some of the stuff on Veer, they have also fonts,cliparts, etc.

You would actually pay more than $100 per photo on Veer? Wow. That’s expensive.

Them two look pretty affordable, but personally, I’ve never had to go past, and for my photography needs.

I usually take my own (after all that is part of my biz), but when I must buy one for use in a project and can’t take one myself (either because of time or location), I usually first check out and then

Also another place to try is photography forums - posting an “Image Needed” on one of those can often get you a custom image at a good price.

I have had a measure of luck from - they have a decent selection of images, clipart and illustrations for web work, though photo their resolutions really are too low for any full-res (600DPI+) centerpiece printing work.

I bought a getty images subscription the other day, got a refund this morning :smiley:

Now im using, there are some great images there it just takes longer to search through them. :slight_smile:

Getty images are good. What I do, is I buy an entire CD with pictures relating to the topic of a website, then you will be surprised how much material you can generate with those pictures.

LOL that is funny about getty image

yep, istock are hard to beat for value for money, but the quality once paid and downloaded can sometimes leave a little to be desired. Getty images, as well as the premium pics, have a load of lower priced images too. If you’re after web resolution, their prices for royalty free images are very reasonable is the best, hands down.

only $1 for an image (med res) - and there are TONS on the site - vector images too. I love it.