Where do you find a list of popular search words / phrases

Where can I get for free (and without giving an email address) a list of all search words / phrases that people have keyed into Google within the last 12 months, beginning with a certain word please?

“How do I get this very valuable information for free without giving anything to the people who provide it”

There’s a reason Google sells access to this information.

Also, “all search words and phrases that people have put into Google within a year starting with X” is potentially going to be billions of words and phrases. So you’ll never get a complete list. Google’s Keyword Planner probably is the closest you’d get.

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To get the latest search words / phrases I use Google Keyword Planner. According to my personal experience, it is the best tool to get words with the average monthly searches in the google search engine.

Many thanks, looks like GKP has the vote.

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