How can I get a list of keywords related to my specific keyword?

Hello friends, please help me how can I get a list of keywords related to my specific keyword?


After google keyword tool now you can take some suggestion for keywords here

Google’s Keyword Tool used to be the one that I used to recommend, but this is no longer available. However, Google’s Keyword Planner has many of the same features.

Another one to consider is Wordtracker. You have to pay a monthly subscription, but there is a free trial which might give you what you need.


You can also use Scrapebox tool.

It’s very powerful tool that will save you a lot of time or Google keyword tool in classics =)

I think it’s a nice tool wich you can use. Just try it :slight_smile:

Have you noticed the difference between the old Keyword Tool and the new Planner? I’ve analyst my keywords twice and for some keywords there where first like 100.000 searches and with the new planner like 20.000 a month… it could be just a trend, but after i saw that i was a bit confused…

Yes, I’ve heard other people say that as well. I don’t know whether it’s a matter of the new tool needing time to settle in (I can’t think why it would need to), or something wrong with it (or something wrong with the old tool).


The adwords tool is basically build to give the adwords customers a better view on which terms they could spend there money… so i probably think they promote it better then it actually is… because i once ranked in the Netherlands on #5 (number #8 inclusief adwords results) on a great term with more then 1.000.000 visits a month (said Adwords), but it only gave me 70 visitors a day… normally i would say #5 position would give you 2 a 3% off the incoming traffic that should be ((1.000.000 / 100%) / 30 days) x 2% = around 666 visitors a day… so i was a bit stunned… for all the hard work…

because i once ranked in the Netherlands on #5 (number #8 inclusief adwords results) on a great term with more then 1.000.000 visits a month (said Adwords), but it only gave me 70 visitors a day.

If you use the AdWords tool for optimising your site for organic search, then there’s no reason to expect your visitor count to be directly related to the total number of visitors recorded for a given term. The AdWords figure (1,000,000 in your case) is the total visitor count across all sites, from all visitors, throughout the world (subject to any filters in force). Your own figure (70 per day) depends on many factors that have nothing to do with AdWords: how well optimised the site it for the keywords in question; the quality of your snippet text (which is what searchers use to decide whether to click through from the search results); and, of course, the quality of the competition.

Also, the fact that you are seeing your site at #5 doesn’t tell you anything. Search results are highly personalised these days, and you can’t draw any useful conclusions from the results that you personally see from your own searches.

Tools like the AdWords keyword planner are useful for identifying search terms that you might not otherwise have thought of. But you can’t use them to draw any conclusions about the number of visitors to expect as a result of those keywords.


It´s more work but you can also get ideas from the words your competitors use on their pages, there´s this tool called cronoseo that gives you the highest ranked urls on each keyword, in that way you can find the the pages your competing with. Good Luck!

It only shows some keyword. Nothing else. For researching keyword, this kind of tool cannot help.

anyone have try google keyword wonder wheel ? some website said, same like google keyword planner. but it more seo friendly to searching keyword specific…

The best keyword planner tools is Google Keyword planner. When u are using this keyword planner you have to mention ur URL, Which country u are targeting, Which type of result you want(Broad,Exact), Which language u want.After filling all these options you can get a better results for your specific keyword and even you can get the keyword ideas also.

I assume you are asking for related ones and not for some variation of your specific keywords. Before using any tool, you might want to consider reading Latent Sematinc Indexing and Keyword Stemming.

And then come up with some words or phrases that are correlated to your specific keywords. I am not talking about some sort of adding prefixes or suffixes to a word. Correlation. For example, if you are optimizing for the keyword “Catering Services”, correlated words might be “food services” “food preparation” or something like that.

Then use the google keyword planner to come up with a list of priority keywords. Remember to make the content relevant to these keywords and your specific keywords.

Thanks to all those who replied. As the OP has not returned with further questions, I assume they’ve found their answer.

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