Where do I start? Thanks!

Hi Folks,

I’ve been out of the scene for a while now and so looking for some basic info to get started. I’m looking to build a very basic android app (really just a single web page packaged into an android app) for private internal use by about 10 people. Doesn’t need to be available on the play store, etc. Just an APK I can email/offer for download will do.

The app needs to connect to a MSSQL server and a MYSQL server run a few queries and display the results on page/app load. And thats it! (Some way to refresh the result would also be nice.) Basically, a single page script in website terms.

What is the quickest way to do this? Is there some online app builder tools I could use to get a beautiful front end without too much manual effort?

Really need some direction here.

Thank you!

You did not mention your coding skills. Can you create an app with Java? Can you create web pages in HTML/CSS/JavaScript?

If you don’t know Java, then you’ll need to learn or hire someone to work on it.

If you know HTML/CSS/JS and have familiarity with making web pages, then you’ll need to learn Ajax and XHR to communicate between the app and the DB online.

Of course, you’ll need to learn how to get the app into Android, and that means learning Cordova (to package the app) and Eclipse (to make the apk).

Haven’t used Java in several years. Primarily HTML/CSS and PHP for the server side.

Thanks for your reply. I"ll research along the lines you suggested.

Is there any reason why the server can’t do all the work and display it on a browser? Then the app consists of simply a link to the web page.

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