App development for Android - Where to start?

Hi all!

I’m new here and this is my first post to the forums… :slight_smile:

Ok, I have mostly been developing for the web since now but I would like to start developing for mobile devices too. I am very interested in doing App development for Android. I wonder if somebody could give me a few hints where I should start or maybe share some links of sites that offer help for newbees.

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I would suggest starting here:

The work your way down the list of topics on the left. It is very in depth and easy to follow. Just one thing to note when doing it, if you add acitivities to your package, you must manually insert them into the manifest.xml file.

Good luck. Android is actually a very nice platform to write for.


Thanks for the link! I already found that page and I will start right from there.

It’s always exciting to do something new. :slight_smile:



If you’re a competent web developer already, then it may also be worth looking at a higher level mobile development frameworks such as appcelerator titanium or [URL=“”]phonegap, as these more directly exploit your existing skills as well as having the bonus of being able to output for multiple mobile platforms.


Yes, I also looked at that, but preferred the idea of learning each devices native language. As those apps generate it anyway, I would like to tweak it from there if needed for some cases.

But it is a very good option

Yes, I love android, there more you read the better the platform becomes to dev for. lol

Here are a few other links you can also look at when done reading that:

yeah i’m looking to get started on Mobile development myself. I’m a fan of the Android and of course own one. I was looking at different frameworks and whatnot but i’m in the same boat as Nightstalker I want to learn the programming language rather than rely on frameworks that do it for me.

my question is what programming language is it? Java, Perl, PHP (i wish) lol
how do i compile the application to work in the android and how do i test it.

I’ve haven’t tried writing any yet, but going by the link in NightStalker-DNS’ post (#2) to Application Fundamentals

Android applications are written in the Java programming language.

eh… I remember Java… lol its been a while since i coded an application in Java.

Well, as you know, it is Java. It is coded in eclipse with an Android plug-in. The link I gave explains in detail how to setup your dev environment as well as how to test on the emulator and on your phone. And how to create emulators with different settings. ie. Screen size, settings, sensors, etc

Good luck