How to create search engine Android app?

Can you tell me how I can create a search engine android app,

  1. I’m confused how to start.
  2. How to interact with Database
  3. How to write algorithms in Java where I’ve written my search algorithms in PHP for my website!


I think, there is only one right place to direct:

If you already have working PHP backend, then it may not be necessary to write the same logic in JAVA. You could simply ask your server for data.

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This kind of application should be strait forward. As @megazoid mentioned you can keep your php back-end unless there is a problem with that. Then i could suggest alternates such a lucene, sphinx etc… But if you use your back-end already built in php, You might need to extend it abit to support a RESTful api to handle the app requests.(best approach keeps your app footprint light) Then you will need to learn some basic android UI which is pretty strait forward and tools such as android studio make it even easier.(Drag and drop design) After you have the basic UI setup you will need to handle a few events like clicking the submit button etc… This is also really strait forward in android studio. After that you will need to send http requests to your server and get your results in the response and display.

And even easier solution as for the UI is you can use Androids webview and thats basicly a browser which you can then build a good majority of your ui and events in html/css and javascript which could also be a little more familiar.

If those seems to trival of a task you can also use PhoneGap, Cordova etc… and use html/css javascript android app framework.

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