Where are the shortcuts?

The text says there is supposed to be a list of shortcuts. I don't see any.

Link to content: Visual Studio Code: End-to-End Editing and Debugging Tools for Web Developers - Section 4

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Hm, there does seem to be something missing there. I’ve referred this to the books team. In the meantime, maybe this reference will help:

Actually, reading the text again, I think the shortcuts are left out on purpose, because they are different for each platform.

A collection of default keyboard shortcuts is available for each platform, and the chords used to trigger the shortcut are different on each platform. So a big list of the chords and the functionality in each would be voluminous and not particularly enlightening.

The command name is what is maintained in common across the platforms

So I think the idea is to type in the command into the editor (somewhere! … settings?) and see what the keyboard shortcut is for your platform. Then you can maybe write it down, memorize it, or customize it to suit your workflow.

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They coulda linked to a reference page somewhere though. Just sayin.

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As Ralph says, shortcuts can vary between platforms, and keybindings can be reassigned by the user. To see the extensive list of shortcuts available and reassign them, go to Settings… > Keyboard Shortcuts.

Yep, agreed. Unfortunately, as this is content from another publisher, we don’t have the right to edit it.


And see, that, right there, is all the author had to put in. :wink: Ah well, at least we have good answers on the forum!


Being able to reassign keybindings is not relevant in the context of this issue. If I reassigned my shortcuts, I wouldn’t care what this part of the book said.

I still think this is a disservice. Any other article I’ve read (or watched) would give the the bindings for both Win and Mac. Usually it is just a matter of what the OS calls the modifier key (alt vs cmd). Not a big deal.

So this section is very much not helpful and is very disappointing, especially how the author keeps focusing on not leaving the keyboard.

Indeed, at minimum there should be a statement as to where to find the shortcuts. It’s like your car manual telling you the has a create super-phonic toggle but not telling you how to toggle it.