When was the last time you had a good Graphics War?

This part of the forums seems to have been rather quiet of late, so I thought I’d issue a general challenge (and show off some of my most recent artwork, of course. :D).

The rules are simple: Use any graphics app from MS paint to Photoshop. Take all of the served image, or part(s), and make it your own. I want to issue a “theme”, of sorts, which will be “home”, but you can interpret that as loosely or as strictly as you wish. Best of luck, and let’s see some phenomenal images. :slight_smile:

And now, for the seed:

Hi. I like this game. its quite unique.
just one question: will i have to keep posting till the game ends or will just one post do?
thats bc i dont have much free time so i wont be able to keep it up regularly.

Hiya, Mistaya. It’s all up to you. Post as often as your schedule allows. :slight_smile:
Maybe that will goad some of the regulars here into action. :smiley: I’ve been hoping for a bit more participation by now. :frowning: