So . . . there is no longer a "Graphics" Forum?

I’ll hang with it either way but I am curious what the thinking behind the decision was? Too ubiquitous? Something else?

They merged it into the Design & UX forum. Not sure the reasoning though.

Actually, Graphics has become a Tag. So theoretically you could start a topic in any category you felt the discussion best fit and Tag it.

Wellllllll . . . You might want to put the word “Graphics” somewhere in the label. :dart:

The description says the category can have graphics discussed.

The labels have tight space restrictions, so you need to read the descriptions to get a clear sense of what each category is for.

You might also find this post useful:

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Thank you techno bear. I’m bookmarking the convoluted er labrynthine The Exalted List and enshrining its contents to a sticky :pushpin: that can’t be withdrawn when the topic is closed!! :grimacing: :cocktail:

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