What's your suggestions, for those students who couldn't get the good marks in 12th?

Today we are seeing in our community , every student getting more than 90% marks in 12th standard. But some students able to get only 60 to 65% and they think my career is finish.
So,what you would suggest to those student , who is facing this problem?

Who knows. Maybe they should study harder? Maybe it just isn’t for them (whatever they are studying) and they should do something else?

@MartandTech; nothing personal, but judging by your poorly worded post, I’m guessing that you are said student?

Depends on the country I guess… your wording doesn’t sound like you’re talking about the US.

I personally never graduated high school. Mostly because of moving around and missing out on classes. But, I did get my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

I suggest these students to resend the admissions and repeat the exam of 12th class to get high marks.

I think that people shouldn’t worry about their marks.Getting 60 to 65% marks is also a good and it means not that life is finish.There are some student in my area who got only up-to 55% marks even after working very hard and now that student is thinking to score good marks in their graduation. So. I’ll only suggest it doesn’t matter whether u passed form 1st class 2nd class or you failed,we should never loose our hope just say next time I’ll try better then this.

The most important thing that should be learned in school, and a crucial skill that will be carried throughout life, is the ability to learn.
This sounds simple but it includes things like accepting your failures/mistakes and accepting criticism as an opportunity to improve yourself.

I think the schools in the US fail terribly on this count; striving TOO MUCH to measure, in a standardized way, how/what students are learning.

Life is a continuous process of learning/maturing/growing and should be met with a vigor and excitement about the PROCESS.
The second “skill” that is crucial in life and not taught in school is how to interact with other people. Interpersonal skills are vital to succeed in any venture (except, perhaps as a violent criminal). This comes from diligent practice and, in my opinion, can be improved by taking a genuine interest in other people. Stop and “think about the other person” whenever you have an interaction with a clerk, a server, a stranger who is approaching the same door as you. Imagine they are having doubts and struggles much like yours. They feel insecure about many of the same things you do. Present a large smile, jump ahead of them in order to open the door and offer them entry before you. I do this ever day, in every encounter I have. It is never easy and requires much thought and concentration. But it makes living on earth much more pleasant.

I don’t want to get too off topic so let me respond first. No, there are plenty of people who did misearably at school and still graduate from Harvard. It just comes down to single factor “Determination”. You can be smartest kid w/o determination by “forcing” him/her to study.

Anyways, I really believe that current education system is too outdated. Just compare the technology improvements from last 50 years. There have been movements toward new education system but I’m not sure when it’ll dominate. This new system works this way

  • Instead of a kid attending school for courses, they would watch recorded videos on their own pace at home/school. If they don’t understand then they can rewind and watch it again or join live session with a teacher.
  • The kids will still go to school but ONLY to do their HOMEWORKS. Teacher will be there for any questions but they will not be teaching. This way, they can handle more students per teacher. This way the teachers can now get respectable salary and still be very effective.
  • Let kids help other kids. Example, have a 4th grader be a standby Q&A for 3rd graders. Have this as a course itself. This will further decrease the cost and students gain valuable experience on teaching.
  • Focus more on physical education since most kids will be at home watching tv or playing video games.
  • New generation school will focus on students interacting w/ each other then keeping it “hush” during class lessons.

I’m sure it’ll happen but not sure when.

There are also alternatives to relying on getting a formal education. eg. Learn a Trade

For example, I had a friend that was having difficulty in school and dropped out as soon as he was legally able to.
He learned carpentry.
Went on to own his own company that hired some staff and sub-contractors doing quite well for himself and his family.

The only problem he had was learning how to trust those he delegated tasks to. It caused him much stress wanting to keep doing things himself to double-check what others were doing. Once he learned how to loosen up a bit he was fine.

12th percentage doesn’t matter. I will suggest you that if those students will hard work in future then they will make bright future. value of knowledge, not certificate or degree percentage.

When it comes to join a job, what matter is your confidence only. There are so many example who do not even pass 12 but very successful in their business life.

I went to a community college in the states and got good grades then i transferred to a top university ( UNC chapel hill) . My high school gpa was like a 2.0 !

It depends on what the student’s options are when they receive 60-65%. If they have failed the grade, yet the student wishes to pursue academia further, perhaps the grade can be repeated. On the other hand, if getting 60-65% is enough to proceed further with studies, then by all means do not regret the past; continue and persevere to improve one’s grades the next opportunity he/she has. In either case, I would advise the student to be clear in his/her motivations and look for a path forward. One failure does not preclude future success.

The most important thing for 12th class student study in proper way and maintain regularity.For this you make time table and follow it.If you do this then get good marks in 12th exam.

This is tough. The students need the motivation they need to succeed. That’s basically it. But it’s obviously easier said than done. If you could get them motivated to study hard for a better future, then it should be a good start. I think most students don’t really care as they don’t think much is going to happen to them past schooling, given the fact that it’s quite hard to find a job even after getting a degree.

Passing out 12 with good marks will just only help you in getting a good college, after you get into the college, the marks wont support you.What you have to do is to score good percentage in graduation to get good jobs.Even after getting less percentage, you can enroll in college, and your journey will start, where your aim will be to pass with flying colours in your graduation.Coz only graduation marks will decide your entire career .and will help you in getting good jobs+