What's the best way to have your website included in all search engines free?

Many sites where links would be automatically included (such as signatures, blog comments) automatically use nofollow attributes.

AFAIK most forums don’t append nofollow to links in the content of a post but here’s a test here on SitePoint:


<a href="http://www.google.com/" target="_blank">http://www.google.com/</a>

Nope… no nofollow attribute.

Many sites where links would be automatically included (such as signatures, blog comments) automatically use nofollow attributes.

I know there are some scripts which can check any web site for these attributes.

Hey, i’ve found a tutorial for getting listed in Google, Yahoo and Live (MSN)…

Here it is, i hope it helps:)

Thank you Chris. Looking it over and already have a question.

It talks about putting hidden meta tags in your pages usually in the head.

Now, I am using a free website that already has everything incorporated in it basically. I just put my text and pics, paypal buttons etc. I did not design the website and really don’t know how to do that.

I only purchased a domain. I do not own the actual hosting site. Can i still put meta tags in a site I do not own?

There is no real way of us answering that question since we don’t know who your provider is and what the limitations are. Generally if you are using a free hosting provider you’re going to run into a lot of limitations.

Aww. Sorry bout that. I was wondering why I hadn’t rec’d a response earlier. Here is the host I’m using:

If any of you take the time to look the site over and figure out things just to answer my question that would be really, really great!

Search engine results are mostly based on keywords and content of the webpage.

That, IMHO, seems to be the way it should be - this link stuff can make a person’s head spin and of course, you’ve got tons of people who get tons of those back links to a blackhat or just plain old junkie site/web page, and what really irks me is when one of those shows up in the top ten search results just because some lazy duff did all his/her dirty deeds in the name of “back links”… And that has happened to me all too often, on Google. If you’re lucky, you get a line or two of content and have to dig just to find that - the rest is a bunch of junk links, ads, etc. Annoying and waste of time.

i decided to put my site on facebook the other day. what the heck, can’t hurt right.

So that was 3 days ago. I’ve been networking and advertising (leaving messages) with people with similar interests and today I sold my first item off my website!

So it pays to do facebook. Just make sure you network and don’t just post your links in the newsfeed.

Facebook can be a powerful advertising tool!

Great!! It’s a good thing to know that!! Good luck with the advertising :slight_smile:

It’s true, search engines don’t place a lot of weight on meta keywords anymore (too easily abused by site owners just “loading up” with a list of all sorts of popular keywords, including ones that have little or nothing to do with their sites).

Google tries to determine what a site is about. You want to make your site (especially your home page) say exactly what your site exists for. Do this by including “real” content - descriptive text of what you’re doing or selling. Reword this a couple of times or more so that you are, in effect, placing keywords in the body of your pages as content rather than just listing them in a keywords meta tag.

If you look at our site at madbeetech.com you’ll notice that at the top of the home page we say just what we do, in fairly big text and in a few images. Then at the bottom of the page we explain things in a more wordy manner. Quick visitors (as most are) see up front what we do. People who linger awhile can scroll down and get the details. Google likes this. We specialize in setting up sites that sell downloadable files, and we mention that in a few places on the home page. A Google search of “sell downloadable files” (which is what we’re about) always returns our site at #1 or #2 in Google. We didn’t do anything fancy to get listed that way.