What Would Best Name for this type of blog?

Hi im new to blogging I done websites but blogging is something different I know, I have an idea of making the blog on forgotten heroes from different genres… i.e war,a sports and so on.

would this be good idea for mix blog, and if you can please give me suitable name for this blog.

And what do you guys say is it a good niche topics? that Iam going into as I want to earn from the blog.

P.s, Im thinking of using free .blogger.com is that any good for earning

Legends of Era or Legendary heroes would be my suggestion.

Forgotten Heroes would be my suggestion.

I suggest “There are still heroes” 'cause it seems you are going to speak not only about the heroes of the past, am I wrong?
And, yes, blogger is good for that

almedajohnson… thanks superb title Legends of Era this is what im going to stick with thanks

thnaks everyone for their opnions i apreciate it

my suggestion is “zero to hero”

“Legends of Era” isn’t proper English… and as such, it doesn’t mean anything meaningful, and would be a terrible name for a blog. Even the proper “Legends of AN Era” doesn’t mean what you want it to… I suggest you learn English well before trying to be an English author. Cheers.

Blogger is actually ranked higher than wordpress so you can’t go wrong. Whatever you title it, just make sure you have some compelling content.


Compelling content is for advertising.

Have something worth reading, whether or not it’s compelling. Aim instead for meaningful and entertaining.

But learn to speak English first, or you’re bound to fail.

I like this one too but if you want to change it, lets make it “Unknown Heroes Of Your World”.

That would be true only if his blog is written in English. This being a global forum, our members write their questions in English but may implement the answers in their native language.

-forgotten heroes- gets over 8100 global monthly searches.
Sounds like a good one to me.

Makes sense, but off-base…

The basis of my assumption that the blog would be in English has nothing to do with the language of his post, but that he’s looking for an English Title…

Sorry, I didn’t read that in his original question. He said only that he is looking for a “suitable name for his blog.” It’s my understanding that he may or may not translate that name into his own language, if English is not his first language.

Moreover, often forum posts are not written in precise English. That doesn’t mean our members don’t know how to speak the language. To me, it only means that they are more relaxed here and comfortable enough to post without worrying about mistakes.

Fair enough… But something like a blog name should be creative enough that it doesn’t directly translate to other languages. A generic name that will translate easily isn’t creative or catchy enough to be memorable or witty, which are highly important factors of a brand name. It doesn’t make sense to ask for a brand name in a language or culture other than the one you’re planning to market to…

You should know this, being content writer of the year. It’s exactly why large, International brands employ ad agencies in each region they’re marketing to… an ad written for the US will probably be meaningless (and potentially even offensive) if translated verbatim to another language. In South America, even, some ads have to be translated from country to country, to account for idiosyncrasies in the local dialects.

For example, I once worked on a project called Trocamania.com (forever ago). The verb “trocar” is Spanish for “barter” or “trade”. But in more than one country (I think Panama and Mexico were 2 of them), the verb “trocar” means “to solicit prostitution”. The brand failed in those regions, for obvious reasons.

My assumption that he doesn’t know how to speak English was based on the fact that the name he chose is poor English, not based on his request… the poor English in his post only supported my assumption.

And because small startups don’t have the same financial resources available, they often come to forums to ask questions. Yet, they still deserve to be treated with the same respect you would give to a rep from a large, International representative… even if you are giving free advice.

Would you tell someone from Adobe (for instance) that they need to learn to speak the language?

You didn’t comprehend my point at all… Please, read it again, and respond to what I said instead of a meaning that you pulled out of thin air.

I used the ad agency thing as an anecdote to explain how translation of brand names across languages and cultures is proven not to work (e.g. the famous case of the Chevy Nova in South America… “No va” in Spanish means “it doesn’t go”… the brand failed epically)… not to suggest that he use an ad agency to help him with a name.

No, but “someone from Adobe” isn’t planning on WRITING A BLOG in Chinese just because they want to sell software in China! You can’t correlate an ad campaign to a blog…

Point well-made, but if I misunderstood you, how many other people, for whom English is a second language, did as well? And I disagree that a blog name has to be creative.

For instance, “Seth’s Godin’s Blog”. How creative is that? I only wish I could have the page impressions he gets everyday in a single month! BTW, that is only one example, the first that came to my mind. There’s another one I often read called “Oatmeal”. Has nothing to do with oatmeal, except that it is uncommonly good. I suppose you could call that “creative” in any language, translated or not.

I think you missed my point. When someone comes here and asks a question, either answer it or don’t. If you answer it, stick to the point and always treat them with respect. Chirping about someone’s poor use of English in a forum post does nothing to help them find a “suitable name” for their blog.

That’s a rather flat way of looking at it… A single word, even when seemingly meaningless, can mean SO MUCH when given a context…

For example…

An Apple has nothing to do with computers… On the surface, nothing. But an apple with a bite taken out of it, in Western Culture, references the Tree of Knowledge - a Biblical story with a lot of meaning regarding the Evolution of Human Existence through understanding. That’s the deep meaning behind the brand, and cannot be ignored. Apple is associating their computers via a single word with a state of evolution for human existence.

An Oracle has nothing to do with databases… An oracle, in ancient Greek mythology, was a prophetic entity, capable of foreseeing the future, and with knowledge of the Universe far exceeding the capabilities of a mere mortal. Oracle is implying via a single word that their software is somehow super-human - dealing with information on a level that exceeds mortal means. Powerful statement in a single word.

I didn’t miss your point, but I think you missed mine…

I wasn’t “chirping about his poor use of English” (as you suggest) because it annoys me…

He proposes (per my assumption) to write a BLOG in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE… If he doesn’t speak English well, he will FAIL… my suggestion directly relates to what I perceived his intended purpose to be… and it’s REALLY GOOD ADVICE, even if it offends you…

I’m not here to make you feel good about yourself… so get over yourself for long enough to accept that my advice is sound…