What SitePoint needs is an 'A List'. Come on, pin your colors to the door!

Life is short, especially as you get older (or it seems to be), so when I want something like a video camera or a laptop I go to the pcpro.co.uk website and look at the ‘A’ List; a selection of tried and tested gadgets that someone else has taken the time and trouble testing and I know from experience will work. Countless laptops and cameras later I’ve got to say that the Panasonic HDC-TM900 I’ve just bought is spot on. So where’s all this heading?

Well actually I’m more than just a little fedup at the moment because after spending ten days churning around in here and playing with CKEditor and CKFinder I’ve all but given up on finding a WYSIWYG in-line editor that works and is reasonably out-of-the-box.

Come on Sitepoint, you seem to have a load of no-it-all’s in here, why can you put together an ‘A’ List? Who is the best service provider? What is the best Code Editor? What is the best Browser? Save me some time and grief!

If nothing else, think of the kick-backs!

There are various threads discussing things like this. For example, there’s a current thread about which is the best browser. Every single browser has been nominated by members as the best browser. See the problem? “Best” is all about opinion. You need to check things out for yourself and decide which you find is the best for you. Also, do a Google search for “[enter product here] sucks”, and you’ll find out which, in most people’s view, sucks the most. :slight_smile:

In my experience, CKEditor works really well, so even if that were listed here as a good product, you wouldn’t be satisfied. :slight_smile:

What SitePoint really needs is for its members to stop posting in caps. :frowning:

Feel free to create a thread in GD about product reviews. Although I find Google searches for ‘blahblahblah reviews’ works best.

Of course, all reviews are subjective. Especially if it’s community-run (although I love everyone here :D) and anyone can make an ‘A-List’ review, I personally wouldn’t give it much credibility.