Need some reviews to buy vbulletraffic storm

howdy my expert friends
I’ve newely joined this great forum and just to be clear that this is my 1st question at this board…
I’m searching for gurus previous experience regarding an auto posting program for vbulletin forums known as vBulleTraffic Storm… is it efficient for enhancing my site’s Page Rank? and is it better than SENuke? in terms of topics creator and performance and speed.
any reviews and help from people in here is awesomely appreciated. I will be reading and taking your opinions and thoughts carefully. as I’m considering buying it…

thank yall :smiley:
Mary Y.

Welcome to Sitepoint. This is indeed the place to find experts regarding web development.
I, personally, am not familiar with the products you mentioned but it sounds as if they would be used for SPAMMING bulletin boards. All of us here are strong advocates of ethical web development and equally strong opponents of SPAM.

These boards are monitored diligently by dedicate “human beings” on the lookout for posts that might diminish the value and usefulness of Sitepoint.

If you can clarify what you want/need I am sure someone with the appropriate experience can help you.