What should i do? Please help

Hey everyone,

I am stuck with what career move i should make. This is my story…

I did really well at uni studying programming, and joined a small creative agency a week after i left uni as a PHP Web Developer. I also progressed with my C# skills as some of the clients wanted their websites done in ASP.NET and C#…

Anyway, i worked there for 15 months and then joined realized that i wanted to go into ASP.NET and C# as i enjoyed it and saw that larger organizations use it a lot more than PHP.

So i then joined a company working as a Software Engineer, this involved using stored procedures, ASP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, AJAX etc…

Now the ONLY problem with this company is that there main system is build in ASP, so i am not getting the exposure to C# that i would want. Some of the other people who are on a different team are getting to work on C# and MVC but i am stuck on ASP :mad:

Now the job spec did mention that “Knowledge of ASP would be preferred”… I just thought i would be using some ASP here and there.

Anyway, i have been there for 8 months now and i was thinking of leaving 3 months into the role but a few people advised me to stay and see if they give me the exposure i want. Sooo here i am 8 months into it and struggling to get the company to allow me to go onto something in C#.

I did bring it up in the probationary review but they kept stressing that because the main system is in ASP it may be difficult.

Sooo because of what is happening i am now thinking of leaving this company and going for a proper C# Software Engineer / Developer job… BUT my question is…

  1. Should i go for a graduate recruitment scheme? Even though i have 2 years experience?
  2. If not, what sort of a job should i go for to ensure i can progress in C#?

I’m just not sure if i should go for a grad scheme or a job within a company, so i wanted some advice please??

Many thanks :slight_smile: