PHP or Sharepoint/.NET (career advice!)


I’m after a little bit of advice from people who have hopefully used both PHP and .NET

I love my current job; developing web systems using PHP/SQL, and then developing the front end too… the problem is, my job will very likely soon be changing drastically, moving to Sharepoint back end development using .NET

I have experience using different PHP frameworks and would say I’m not pretty proficient at what I do, I have only dabbled in Sharepoint (helping a friend to build a large Sharepoint site) and have very limited of .NET programming, so I am unsure whether I should try to hold out in my current job and hope I am trained in .NET, or whether I should start looking for a PHP job now (I know of one going locally which could be perfect for me)

I’d really appreciate any advice on which route would be best, thank you :slight_smile:

It depends what your situation is,

If you just need a need a job then I’m sure you can find another in PHP if you enjoy doing that.
I’m not sure why those two technologies are the only options but I would encourage you to learn as many languages as you can.
So I guess I would stick around if they were offering to train you in .net and see how you like it.

You might find that you actually enjoy another language even more.

Many thanks mark, the more I think about it, and despite being very happy as a PHP developer (everything about it appeals more to me right now - the language, the openness, the fact it’s used mostly by startups/small businesses rather than large enterprise solutions etc) I think it could be worth me trying my hand at Sharepoint - of course that’s me being very presumptuous that I keep my job and am given the chance!

I think this is a good plan. I have recently done projects in C#.NET and PHP and I like both of these languages. The front end technologies stayed the same and then I use MySQL and Oracle. Like Mark Brown said, the more tools you have the more valuable you become not only to your current employer but also if you ever decide to branch out.


Thanks Steve, I think that’s the option I’ll try to take - the principles should be similar so I can hopefully adapt well if given the oppurtunity, and like you said, any SQL or frontend stuff will be very familiar.

If I get the job, I’d also have to help migrate the stuff I’ve already done in PHP across to .NET, whilst still keeping the existing systems functional and up to date in the process, so potentially would be working on both platforms. Fingers crossed I’m lucky enough to actually get the job though, I’m quite excited by it now :slight_smile:

I agree with what the others have said here. Keep your options open and dabble in the .net stuff. It’s actually quite fun. I’m in a similar situation right now and I am comfortable with my php programming but my company wants me to start diversifying into .net because of the systems we use (umbraco) for larger websites. I’m open to it and most definitely if they are willing to train you up in it. The more kit you have in your toolbox the better :slight_smile:

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One thing to consider is that there are probably more highly paid jobs in .net/sharepoint than there are in php.

Yes for .NET/sharepoint salary will be more when compared to PHP

I actually just went through this change of the switching from php to .NET and i found c# amazing and if you have a firm grasp of OOP concepts your gonna have no problem. Java is a big harder just because of the size and the applications. I feel i play alot more catch up with Java and php feels a little outdated now C# seems perfect only if it was portable.

All of you realize that this topic was posted in July and that the OP has not returned, don’t you? :smiley:

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