What should I charge for a Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla website

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We have three popular open-source web content management systems; WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

Drupal being the hardest. Recently I had a problem with a design and wanted to get a Drupal site.

To set a site up in Joomla or WordPress would be easier. So how much should you charge to set a CMS up, and should you have different prices for different open-source CMS’s?

Makes an interest topic.

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What do you mean by “set a CMS up”? Install it? Create a theme for it?

Install, Create, Publish, Train clients, basically everything you would need to do on the content management system. Understandably some CMS’s have more things available by their community, having said this though, most websites pretty much do the same thing, just in a different manner.

Your rate should be based on how much effort it takes you to “install, create, publish and train clients” for each CMS system. If it takes six hours for Drupal and only three for WordPress, charge accordingly. If you have a set hourly fee, charge them that for how many hours it takes.

I recently came across somebody who wanted to charge me 55+ for a Drupal site. I am not precisely a CMS-wiz, but to me that sounds a lot.

It depends on what that guy was going to do, and if that is an hourly rate or a fixed rate. Assuming its an hourly rate, if he was just installing it, then yes, that is a bit outrageous. But if he was willing to work with you, train you and actually take the time to teach you how it works, then no, that isn’t all that outlandish.

Sorry, it came out wrong. The person wished to charge me over 100 USD / hour and they needed over 50 hours, without any training. I don’t want to keep this post personal. Instead I want to know if other’s have a different pricing structure when they charge for Drupal, WordPress or Joomla implementation.

I want to know what other’s do? I try to stay clear from hourly rates, nobody likes an hourly rate, including myself. Instead I charge per job, and try to device a strong contract to be able to speed up the web-design process.