What kind of web online marketing tools you need?

Hi, I am a developer with good understanding of online marketing and SEO and is looking to build online marketing and SEO tools, now my questions is, what kind of tools you are looking for ? (I have the idea but may be you guys can suggest me something really good).

Also how much you are willing to pay per month for such tools ? does $29 and $49 per month sounds reasonable ?

try webceo software
is fully functional for first 30 days and there I think you need to pay for updates

Hard to say everything I needed it seems to be available. Maybe a forum watcher, where you can type in a keyword and you get all the latest posts of lets say 50-100 of those forums. In terms of social bookmarking , aggregators already exist , do i dont see any problem there. Maybe some blog scrapers would be nice, but i guess thats a bit blackhat

Marketing through social networking websites would be easy and will cost you really less. Other than that $29 and $49 look reasonable provided that they are not a burden for you.