Hosting! Need urgent solution

I have a website which has more than 250 daily unique visitors and 3.000 daily pagewies. It is all about forex trading, economy and politics. I share forex charts, buy and sell signals, news, technical and fundamental analysis. I have been hosting my website on a free host byethost. Lately I have been receiving messages like “This mail is to let you know that your site has used over 30% of its daily CPU Quota.” Whenever I try to enter my website I am directed to a “secure signup” page. It really is bad for our reputation. It makes us loose followers and revenue.

Please help us to find a good a-and a reasonable priced web hosting site for our website.

PS: Our website is wordpress site.

Since you are hitting your CPU resources on a Shared Hosting account, it is time for you to migrate to a VPS.


A VPS may be required but I’d think that a ticket at webhostingbuzz would get a good answer from their staff. I have three accounts with WHB and all are fine. Perhaps the specialized account for WordPress Hosting might be your best bet (I have a client who needed a Joomla account with its larger than usual CPU requirements and there’s been no problem at all).



you should upgrade your hosting which allows more CPU resource usage but before that, try contacting your hosting company for support…

Everyone mentioned it but the next step for you is a VPS. I am surprised no one mentioned he needs a LINUX VPS, not just any VPS as he will need the PHP that comes with Linux.

Wrong. Linux does not come with PHP. PHP is installed like any other application. PHP runs on multiple platforms, it is not restricted to Linux.

As it were, I don’t believe the OP requires a VPS (Virtual Private Server) what the OP needs to do is stop using a free hosting provider for their business.

I’ve always used 1&1, sign up to your local version, like there’s a .com and a for example, they do VPS though I’ve never used that particular hosting service, never had any downtime issues I’m aware of, prices are reasonable, customer service not awesome but fine.

The first step is to go to paid hosting. Choose someone reputable and reliable. Assuming your site is well configured and there are no errant scripts, you don’t necessarily need a VPS for that level of traffic. Regardless, a good hosting company will be able to suggest the best platform for you to host on.


A lot of companies overload the basic hosting packages as an attempt to push you into paying for a higher performance package. Best thing to do is see about getting a more suitable hosting package.

Have you looked at any VPS offers yet? Let us know as you have not replied since opening this thread.

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Here’s a truly radical thought - ask your current host about upgrading to one of their paid hosting deals!!! At $3.99 p.m. it isn’t exactly expensive, is it? Or does your site not warrant spending $3.99 a month on?

[FONT=Verdana]As the OP was in need of an “urgent” solution a month ago, and has never bothered to return, I presume they have found what they’re looking for.

Thanks to those who contributed. Thread closed.[/FONT]