What is your favourite nonsense rhyme

The Frog

What a wonderful bird the frog are-
When he stand he sit almost
When he hop he fly almost
He ain’t got no sense hardly
He ain’t got no tail hardly, either
When he sit he sit on what he ain’t got almost.

Here’s one

Anonymous, ‘I Saw a Peacock’.

I Saw a Peacock, with a fiery tail,
I saw a Blazing Comet, drop down hail,
I saw a Cloud, with Ivy circled round,
I saw a sturdy Oak, creep on the ground,
I saw a Pismire, swallow up a Whale,
I saw a raging Sea, brim full of Ale …

"argle bargle, foofaraw, hey diddy hoe diddy no one knows. " -6th edition Shadowrun, trying to explain spirits looking like people, and failing their proofreading check for an actual rulebook.

A Scots nonsense rhyme my Grampa used to recite:

As I went up a coo tae buy a country,
A wee black bark cam oot and dugged at me.
I drew ma shouder aff ma stick,
An’ gave it sic an ear across the lick,
It made its watter ee.


A. E. Housman, ‘The Crocodile’.

Though some at my aversion smile,
I cannot love the crocodile.
Its conduct does not seem to me
Consistent with sincerity …