Ho-ho-ho (merry Christmas)

Merry Christmas everybody! :santa: :christmas_tree:


Right back at you!!

As I review this year, the OUTSTANDING community here is among my favorite things.

Merry Christmas, indeed!

Or, as they say in these parts:

Nollaig Chridheil!

Can a guy get a phonetic interpretation, please? :slight_smile: I’d LOVE to learn galagh. (Is that how it’s spelled?)

Happy Holidays!


You mean she didn’t sneeze? :wink:

Yep - if you can access BBC Alba in the USA:

[quote=“WolfShade, post:4, topic:108214”]
galagh. (Is that how it’s spelled?)
[/quote]I think you mean Gaelic (or Gàidhlig).

[quote=“guido2004, post:5, topic:108214, full:true”]
You mean she didn’t sneeze?
[/quote]You’re getting confused, just because that reindeer has a red nose. Sneezes look quite different.

Come now, can anyone sober be expected to make any sense of any of this?

I thought that “Gaelic” was more Irish, and Gaidhlig was Scottish. (shrug) Either way, I’d love to learn the native language of my ancestors. Thanks for the link. I can’t access it from work, but I’ll check it out when I get home. :smile:



EDIT: BTW… I meant how is Nollag Chridheil pronounced? Phonetically? I know the rules are way different than English.

Gaelic is the Anglicised spelling for both; it’s pronounced “Gallic” for Scots, and “Gay-lic” for Irish.

[quote=“WolfShade, post:8, topic:108214”]
EDIT: BTW… I meant how is Nollag Chridheil pronounced? Phonetically?
[/quote]Roughly Nollag Cree-all. With the stress on the first syllable in each word.

[quote=“Mittineague, post:7, topic:108214”]
can anyone sober be expected to make any sense of any of this?
[/quote]You may have hit the nail on the head there…


Thanks, @TechnoBear!



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Joy to the world, a King is born… let every soul rejoice


Seek What?

<no politics/religion, please see the FAQ>

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That looks similar to the Welsh word for Christmas, “Nadolig” (pronounced: nad-oh-lick). For the full greeting “Nadolig Hapus” (Happy Christmas).

Anyway, Happy Christmas, everyone. :smile: :santa:

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Merry Christmas! I just realized there were no SPF awards this year (or voting.) Was this overlooked due to the Discourse release?

I’m thankful for this community - it helps keep me fresh :slight_smile: .

Yes, we’ve been busy trying to keep up with the ever-changing Discourse Core
Have any that you would nominate?

@ronpat for his willingness to deal with a certain member of SPF with her website, where many of us had given up. So either most patient SPF member, or MOTY, or something like that. He deserves an award for that single thread.

Other than that, I’d rather not nominate unless it was in an official capacity. I do believe Ron should get something though.

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I agree 110% with a @ronpat award.
I like to think I have patience, but that thread topic is exceptional


Merry Christmas everyone.

No reindeer here, Santa had to improvise :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays (take your pick) Everyone !
“Peace on Earth” is still a worthwhile wish.

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This was funny :smiley:
Merry Christmas everyone :smiley:

That was my doing, but for whatever reason the edit history has vanished! :frowning:

Merry Christmas all! and Safe travels (for those traveling)

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