What is your favorite Subject?

What is your favorite Subject when you are in high school?

I’m not in high school anymore, but my favorite subjects where biology and physics.

It was History.

English, literature, chemistry, biology, Latin, and philosophy.

Geography, Physics and English.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Art and bio.


From Years 7 - 9 it was Science and then Years 10 and 11 it was ICT. Year 7 especially Science because I had the most amazingly good looking Science teacher, ooft was she hawt!

I also had a sub-favourite subject: Music. :smiley:

Andrew Cooper

English and Geometry is my favorite subject.


Gym? Do you have a subject like this? or a Physical Education Subject?

I loved science (we didn’t have computing - show’s how old I am, oh wait, I’m only 26) :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh - yes? :shifty:

You mean you don’t? :eek:

My favourite subjects were, English Lit. and Geography.

Art, History and Science (Chemistry)

Mind you the only reason why I didn’t like some of the other subjects is because of the teacher.
Subjects like English Lit. I used to dislike, but now years and years after I left school I like the subject.

Or maybe I’m just getting old

Definitely all the electives haha (cooking, art, etc.)

mine was always mathematics believe it or not

English & Mathematics…if questions were easy :wink:

English and Sanskrit were my two favourite subject. And I was capable to produce result.