Favorite Sport?

Well i wana know guys which outdoor sport is your favorite. For me soccer is my favorite sport. I just love to play soccer.

I love rifle practice and the Olympics

Tennis, I watch Wimbledon every year (and play it occasionally) :slight_smile:

PS: The Olympics isn’t a sport.

Heh heh, I swim outdoors. Does that count? That’s my fav sport. But I do like tennis too. Alex, did you watch the Australian open down here in Melbourne? I thought it might have rated well in Britain, given that Murray was in the final.


The Olympics isn’t a sport.

But the Olympics are sports, no? (I prefer the plural, even though no one else seems to). They are ‘games’ after all…

The Olympics are a sports event, but not a sport in itself :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: I did see the Aussie open final (curse Federer for winning all the tournaments) :wink:

Fencing (with swords not putting up fences in the garden!).

Just don’t ask me the last time I did it… Oh well, my 9 year old son can’t wait to have a go - local clubs usually allow kids from 10 years old so I shall fence vicariously!

Mine favorite is Cricket. i can play it whole day and whole night.

That’s how it’s played normally, isn’t it? :wink: :lol:

I like baseball and football (pigskin), but I also like tennis and golf (yes, I have watched golf on TV for hours) Not much into basketball, hockey.

As far as the Olympics go I agree, alot of it is not a sport, some of it could be considered athletic but gosh it makes me mad when they tell me some young girl running around in circles on a mat holding some ribbon is an athlete. :stuck_out_tongue:

Arsenal Fan!

Tennis is Too GOoD!

Archery and rock climbing FTW!
Though I haven’t had a chance to climb outdoors yet…

Is that an outdoor sport? Well, maybe if you’re fencing at a Renaissance Faire. :smiley: It really is so much fun!!

I started playing football (soccer) again last year after a 20 year(!) break from it.

Enjoy it now more than I ever did, and seem to be better than I was before (play smarter and a lot better tactically so I presume I’ve soaked up a lot of info subliminally from watching it over the years) though the fitness isn’t quite as sharp despite jogging nowadays.

Not a sport as such, but I also enjoy playing 8-ball pool on UK style tables (not a big fan of the american ones with massive pockets).

Rugby, 6 nations is on at the moment, (being married to a welshman explains)Ireland won yesterday yipee, but Wales lost …nuala:rolleyes:

Formula 1, it should be a really good season with the return of Michael Schumacher.

my one is playing chess.

Yea, you could attach some toilet roll to a drunks hand with some crazy glue and watch them wave their hands about trying to get it off, that would be much better viewing and it’s pretty much the same sport. Dressage is another sport I don’t get, it’s all about making horses act as posh as possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

Soccer of course.
AC Milan fan

Favorite has got to be football, it has enough drama and scores are generally close enough to make it exciting. Most teams can make a come back.

im not a sporty person. well, the only sports I know how to play is volleyball.